If you’re interested in joining Treasures Camping Swingers Club, it’s easy! We just ask you to fill in the simple membership form so you can keep up to date with rallies and other members near you.

We believe in cultivating and fostering great and honest relationships with all of our members. This is why we’re committed to ensuring that all fees are clearly displayed so you know the total cost of each event. What you see is what you pay as we don’t believe in adding hidden charges. Please note that no spaces will be allocated until full payment is made.

As Treasures Camping Swingers Club will need to pay for the clubs or site’s facilities upfront, all payments are final, and we do not offer refunds except in cases where the event is canceled by the campsite or club. In these instances, we’ll offer a full refund.

Treasure Camping SwingersClub cannot take responsibilities of injuries caused at any club meetings or should any of your belonging are lost/stolen/damaged or misplaced.

Please respect fellow campers and the proprietor’s property at all times. Noise travels great distances so please remember this and have a little bit of respect for other campers please never assume that all parties are here to have sex, if you are interested then why not ask nicely or wait to be invited. Don’t not touch anyone without permission if anyone is interested then they will let you know. Please respected boundaries. JUST REMEMBER NO MEANS NO!

Absolutely NO DRUGS permitted. We have ZERO tolerance of the use of any drugs.

All cameras and similar recording equipment such as phones are not allowed to be used at treasures.
Please leave your phones in your accommodation. Please respect people’s privacy.

Membership yearly fees


£ 20 / per year
At least two verifications needs to be visible

Single Females

£ 10 / per year
At least two verifications needs to be visible

Single Males
£ 30 / per year
At least two verifications needs to be visible

*Please note minimum subscription is 12 months