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Treasures Camping Swinging Club

At Treasures Camping Swingers Club, we’re dedicated to bringing our members together with like minded people and hosting events throughout the UK.

We are a camping club for swingers for those who own their own caravans, motor homes or a tent. We arrange a relaxed no pressure ‘adult fun’ swinging throughout the year. These are based on commercial, private naturist campsites.

Winter rallies will usually be arranged in and around a swingers’clubs where we can visit on the Friday or Saturday nights as a group.

Whether you’re completely new to swinging’s or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be welcome to our events. We know that anyone and everyone can be a swinger, which is why we offer memberships to any one over the age of 18 who wants to explore the world of swinging. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a voyeuristic fantasy or enjoy sex with new people within of your relationship, Treasures Camping Swingers Club can help you find people just like you. At Treasures, we host swingers’ events throughout the UK once a month at both campsites and designated clubs where we have permission to camp up and enjoy their facilities.

Here in the UK over 9 million people are involved in the swinging scene. That means that wherever you’re based it’s likely there are like minded people nearby who feel a similar way to you. We welcome everyone including couples, single females and single men,

For the attention to single males: sorry,but there will be a limited number of single men to our rallies. Only because this will balance out couples and single females so please be aware you will have to book early.

Have you ever wondered if there were any fellow swingers on site? And if so, how would you ask someone that awkward question?

The focus of the rallies is for like minded couples to meet others with the same interests which is where you have the opportunities to meet other couple/singles socially. So if the opportunity does crop up and you find that you click with others that you can ‘play’ together in your own accommodation I.E your caravan/motor home etc.(always make sure that all parties agree and REMEMBER THAT LADIES ARE IN CHARGE!)We decided that a discrete sticker would be the perfect solution to those awkward chats! These stickers are intentionally designed to be unimposing, so your family, friends and kids won’t know what it means! Only other swingers in the know will be able to identify the message you’re sending. These stickers are available for purchase on our website. The new windscreen cards come with a suction cup holder design,

If you think Treasures is something you’d love to join, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re friendly, discreet and always happy to help our members. Whether you’re a couple wanting to dip your toe into the world of swinging or a singleton with limited experience,
We have lots of meets arranged and we’re always booking plenty more.

Upcoming Events

Event- 30th June-3rd July 2022

💥SWINGATHON 2022💥 🚐TREASURES CAMPING ⛺ SWINGERS CLUB🍻🥂 ___________________________ EXCLUSIVE TO ALL TREASURES MEMBERS 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 New Dark Room with Double bed sex swing + St Andrews Cross, Stocks  Chill-out Lounge. (please make sure you wear your treasures wristbands to enter.) ___________________________ Treasures meet…

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